After Steve has been out to review your project, take measurements, and gather necessary information he will email your estimate to you within one week.  We will follow up after your estimate has been sent to see if there are any questions we can answer.  You are also welcome to contact us by email or phone.

Once your project has been estimated the price quoted will be honored for one year from the date on the estimate.

Once you have received the estimate, have all your questions answered, and agree to the quoted price you will want to contact our office at 502-384-7585.  You can let us know you are ready to go to contract.  At that point your contract will be emailed to you.  The signed contract and deposit can be mailed back to our office or you can bring with you to your first selection appointment and Casey will collect from you.

There is not a single answer to this question.  All projects are different but as a gauge we have listed typical renovation times below:

Bathroom: Average 2-4 Weeks

Kitchen: 4-6 Weeks

Basement: 4-8 Weeks

Room Addition: 3 – 5 Months

This varies depending on the project but typically we require a 25% deposit for room additions, bathrooms, basements, and smaller renovation jobs.  Kitchens require a 50% deposit due to the fact that cabinets are ordered at the beginning of the project.  Deposit amounts can be discussed prior to signing a contract.

After we have received your contract/deposit it is time to move forward with the selection process!  Casey Ernst, our project director, will be in contact with you to schedule times to visit showrooms and make finish selections.  We will accompany you to the local showrooms to guide you through the selection process to insure that your home renovations are brought to life in the manner you have envisioned.

Making a selection above or below the allowance amount listed in your estimate happens all the time and is no problem.  We will issue a change order either for the amount you have gone over or a credit for the amount you did not use.  We DO NOT charge a change order fee for this.

Construction crews arrive between 8:00 – 9:00 each morning Monday through Friday and work until approximately 3:00 – 4:00 each afternoon.  It is not typical for us to have construction continuing through the weekend but if a job calls for it, it would be discussed with the homeowner beforehand.

Cleanliness is one of our top priorities!  We understand that you are continuing to live in your home while it is under construction and we take all precautions to keep the dust/debris to a minimum.  On day one plastic is hung at room openings, floors are covered, and we clean up after ourselves before leaving each day.

After you have signed the contract and made your selections we will contact you to schedule a Pre-Construction Meeting.  Both owners, Brian McDonald and Steve Danzinger , will be at this meeting to introduce you to your project manager, go over the details of your renovation, and answer any questions you may have before construction begins.  You will also be given a construction schedule and a daytime contact number for your project manager.  We feel communication is key to any successful construction project!

This solely depends on what phase of the process you are in.  When in doubt, call our office at 502-384-7585!  If you have questions regarding your estimate you can email Steve (sbhomerenovations.steve@gmail.com) or Casey (sbhomerenovations.casey@gmail.com), or call 502-384-7585.  If you have a question/concern during construction you will want to call your project manager or discuss with him while he is on site that day.  Project Manager contact numbers are given to you during your Pre Construction Meeting.  AGAIN WHEN IN DOUBT ALWAYS CALL THE OFFICE AT 502-384-7585.

A full one year warranty is offered on all our projects!  You can email warranty/service items to Casey at sbhomerenovations.casey@gmail.com. If subcontractors are needed for your service/warranty items we will contact and schedule their services.  All requests are a priority and will be completed in a timely fashion.  Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

After construction is complete a final walk thru will be done with your project manager.  At this time if there are any items you would like addressed or if you have questions regarding care of your new space we will be happy to answer those at this time.  You will also receive a warranty packet from our office after your project is complete.  We ask for all our customers to please visit our Facebook page to leave a review or send us a letter to use in our reference packets.  It is MUCH APPRECIATED!!!