Tile, Hardwood, Etc.

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Installation

Ceramic and Porcelain tile installations are a trade that is centuries old and have always offered versatility of function and beauty! It is very important that whoever you get to install this delicate beauty needs to be trained, highly-skilled, and have experience in Ceramic and Porcelain tile installations in Louisville, KY. SB Home Renovations in Louisville is the company you need.  Though methods of installation in Louisville, KY have changed with the times, styles have become more diverse and materials used endless one thing remains constant.

Tile flooring may be one of your most practical installations in many areas of your home where water may be a risk factor such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements etc.
As a one stop shop SB Home Renovations in Louisville, KY, we have built a team of tile installers that have experience in all facets of tile installations from flooring and wall installations.

Our tile installation services include:

• Bathroom floor installation
• Shower pan installations
• Tub and shower surround tile installations
• Kitchen floor installations
• Back splash installations
• Cement board underlayment installation
For more information on Ceramic and Porcelain tile installations in Louisville, KY or for more services such as renovations and remodeling call us today!

Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood floor installation may be the best choice you can make for your home. Let SB Home Renovations in Louisville, KY install your hardwood floor. We have many years of experience and have installed thousands of floors in Louisville homes. The options of wood floor species to be used are endless and can be chosen to accent any home’s decor and taste. The advantages of a wood floor installation range from increased home value, faster resell rates and environmentally friendly and green choices over many other types of flooring and materials.

What can be better than this? Hardwood flooring can make your home beautiful and increase it’s value. Beauty that lasts a lifetime! Let us handle the installation of your hardwood floor in your Louisville home, so that you can feel comfortable and confident it is done right!

Whether you have a dining room to be installed or a 50,000 sq ft installation, SB Home Renovations in Louisville, KY is prepared to do the job. We have the experience to complete any size job and we want yours to be our next!

Our hardwood flooring services include, but are not limited to, full design layout and exotic wood species selections, strip oak wood floor installations to beautiful wide plank and rustic wood floor installations in Louisville, KY.

SB Home Renovations experts in Louisville, KY install all sizes and species of unfinished hardwood flooring to be sanded and finished in your home which will help match any existing floor in your home as well as add a more natural look to the wood floors!

With endless options of hardwood floor species, we can create the floor of your dreams. If it grows out of the ground, it can be a hardwood floor installed for you! Sound exciting? Just imagine the possibilities.

We install various wood floor species such as:
Brazilian Cherry
Santos mahogany
Birch and so much more!

For more information on hardwood floor installation in Louisville, KY or for more services such as renovations and remodeling call us today!